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The brand title of the restaurant

Completely new board old quarantine trip, immediate introduction of quarantine luck, Kita-shi epidemic prevention inn procession, quarantine quarantine passenger service. All-new high-rise facilities adopted in the main building, disinfection procedures and protective measures provided by the government's norms, provision of passengers' peace of mind and fearless housing environment, devotion, isolation, quarantine, and quarantine.
Introducing the brand new Panco Hotel, the brand's first dedicated quarantine hotel in Taipei. Upscale facilities, delicious daily meals and strict adherence to quarantine safety measures ensure guests a safe, relaxing and comfortable living environment.
"Banko Journey" is newly opened. After opening, we will become a member of the Taipei City Epidemic Prevention Hotel and provide various services to customers who need to stay on standby. In order for our customers to enjoy a safe stay, we will take sterilization and disinfection measures based on the government's hygiene standards, provide delicious three meals every day, alleviate the loneliness of living alone, and make you feel at home. We will do our best to support you.

房型介紹 | ROOMS

Ban Koseki Journey 50 kens, 43 inclusive elaborate kens, 3 yangdai kens, 4 luxurious kens. All windows are installed, the sunlight is sufficient, and the ventilation is warm. Fully adopted equipment Internationally known brand, parallel equipment with free Wi-Fi, no fear of branding. All the guest rooms and bathrooms in the entire building are adopted. Panco Hotel has a total of 50 rooms including 43 Superior Rooms, 3 Balcony Rooms and 4 Deluxe Rooms. Along with free WIFI, each room is equipped with top of the line facilities and large windows, allowing for natural light and fresh air. Superior 43 There are a total of 50 rooms, including 3 rooms, 3 balcony rooms and 4 deluxe rooms. All rooms have windows with plenty of light and you can feel the fresh air. All basic facilities use world-famous brands, and all rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, so it is safe to use.

Superior Room スーペリア

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Yodai Guest Room Balcony Room Balcony Room

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Luxury guest room Deluxe Room Deluxe

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(Suspended during the epidemic prevention period)


The hotel is located in a convenient regional center, making it easy to go wherever you are
Don’t worry about the itinerary is not enough, because we have helped you find the most suitable tourist attractions. The hotel is conveniently located at the heart of the city with easy access to all the city has to offer. When ホテルは Taipei City の好立地で, The following の観光スポットもwalking circle でアクセス抜群です.

Gathering international boutiques
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Regent Galleria

Selected as the capital of each large brand flagship store. Various ceremonial lectures and activities, enjoyment of luxury shopping brands.

Lined with renowned luxury flagship stores, Regent Galleria provides an exquisite shopping experience for the most discerning customer. With personal viewing sessions, exclusive store benefits, and access to various shopping events, Regent Galleria provides customers a taste of the pinnacle of luxury.

First-class brand stores will gather to provide you with a luxurious time in an elegant space. We offer exclusive shopping experiences such as personal product appreciation, brand guides, special discounts, product delivery, and various seminars and events sponsored by the Reishi Society.

The core of fashion
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Zhongshan Shopping District

Since then, Taipei Transportation Zhongshan Station Center, Shishurin Ritsu Department Store Co., Ltd. Going away, Noriyoshi Taipei City Recently emerging Wenqing tide street, private store, B-class gastronomy, Saryu Rishou, 咖啡 廳 與 Sake 吧, 搖 搳 Departure day and night unequal scenery.

Zhongshan MRT station is conveniently located at the heart of the city and is surrounded by shopping malls and renowned shops. Nearby alleys lead to a world filled with an abundance of boutique shops, local delicacies, hair salons, cafes, bars and more, providing a glimpse of the alluring city by day and lively city by night.

Centering around MRT Zhongshan Station, department stores and luxury boutiques gather around the area, where you can enjoy shopping. If you walk along the back street, you can enjoy a different atmosphere of day and night with unique second-hand clothing stores for young people, B-class gourmet food, hair salons, cafes and bars.

Thousands of exotic cuisines
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Alleyway Food District

Zhongshan North Road, Linsen North Road, Jodo Cultural Source, Japanese colonial rule, Japanese, Korean style small bar, Sake bar Taiwanese history Closely coupled exoticism, various gastronomic delicacies, Doji Xiaochi unresolved confusion.

History of the alleyways between Zhongshan North Road and Linsen North Road date back to the era of Japanese Occupation. Hidden among the myriad of narrow alleys are a plethora of Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants and bars, making this a popular tourist hotspot. Here , Taiwan's rich history fuse with international
cuisine, creating unparalleled delicacies that are not to be missed.

The alley culture of Zhongshan North Road and Lin Mori North Road began during the Japanese colonial era, and the streets are lined with restaurants and bars serving Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean cuisine, and are visited by tourists and locals. Don't miss out on a variety of authentic gourmet foods that firmly connect Taiwan's history with a sense of exoticism.